PlanetAir Tri-Fecta

New PlanetAir Walk-behind Aerator

Aerate. Mow. Play.

PlanetAir Tri-fecta

Aerate. Mow. Play.


1 Man, 3 Hours, 18 greens vs Their 3 Guys All Day.

Lack of Disruption:

Improve Ball Roll with Aeration

Verticut to prevent the development of lateral growth with 2,000,000 deep...

Aerate your root zone with 2,000,000 sub-surface explosions per hour. ...

Verticut to relieve lateral surface tension. Aerate to expand the soil...

Proven Results
Five years ago at the GIS show Doug Petersan, GCS from Austin Golf Club,...

We use PlanetAir every 3 to 4 weeks on our greens and it has become our most valued and critical piece of equipment in retaining our greens at the highest level.

- Phil Beal – Troon Golf International Superintendent of the Year, 2009

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